Traditional 10" Cakes

All using Free Range Eggs - except the fruit cake which is Vegan! We use Bramley Apples for our Apple Cake and fresh Ginger for the Ginger Cake.

Our sweet cakes are supplied fresh and uncut, available in 10" round and 10 " loaf. They are suitable for freezing and we suggest that you consume within 7 days of their de-frosting.

By Peck & Strong

John Peck at Peck & Strong has been baking by hand with flair for more then 30 years. john only uses the finest ingredients with no short cuts.

Baking real and simple, packed with flavour, generous in every way and always with his own distintive signiture!

All Peck & Strong products are made by hand and most products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, most are also wheat and dairy free!

  • Carrot cake with Cream cheese icing
    Lusciously moist with a cream cheese icing
    12 portion
  • Bramley Apple Cake
    Only fresh Bramley Apples are used in this luscious sweet, Great hot or cold!
    12 portion
  • Coffee Cake
    16 portion
  • Victoria Cake
    Rich Vanilla - infused Buttercream combined with the finest high fruit Devonshire Raspberry Jam!
    16 portion
  • Chocolate Fudge Cake
    Rich Belgian Chocolate Ganache icing with an intensity of flavour!
    16 portion
  • Spiced Ginger loaf Cake
    Packed full of fresh Ginger, Fantastic hot with creamy custard!
    10 portion
  • Rich Fruit Cake with Cherries
    Rich and moist packed full of the finest fruits and suitable for Vegans!
    10 portion
  • Orange, Lemon & Lime Cake
    Fabulously moist and tangy, as a great citrus cake should be! Brimming with ground almonds and Gluten free as well...
    12 portions