Demi & Full Baguettes

By Panino Breads

At Panino we're proud to be bakery experts - it's all and everything we do, our success lies in the fact that we consistently exceed the demands of our customers, by researching and developing new bespoke products in partnership with our suppliers to bring you wonderful flavours of breads from all around the world.

Speciality breads are now outproforming the overall breads and baked goods market, with a huge increase in growth over the last year. To nature this growing trend, we've introduced a new range of speciality breads, ranging from Artisan seeded loaves to gourmet baguettes.

please reveiw the list below, if the product you require isnt listed it doesn't mean we dont have it, all you have to do is ask and if we can help, we will.

  • Demi White French Baguette
    By Plane'te Pain.
    50 x 125g
  • Demi Seeded Rustic Baguette
    A rustic baguette made with wholemeal and malted flour topped with a scattering of flax and sesame seeds. By Hiestaud.
    30 x 130g
  • Demi Baguette Rustic
    Made from French flour,the dough is then soured and pulled at the ends to create that rustic touch. By Hiestaud.
    26 x 130g
  • Large Baguette Rustica
    By Schulstad.
    25 x 300g
  • Multicereal Demi Baguette
    By Dauphine.
    50 x 125g
  • Large Rustique Nature Baguette
    Classic Atisan French white baguette made with French flour, a truly geniune flavour of Paris. By Bridor.
    25 x 280g
  • Large Multigrain Rustique Baguette
    Artisan Multigrain geniune French Baguette. By Bridor.
    25 x 280g
  • Large French Stick Baguette
    By Plane'te Pain.
    30 x 280g
  • Large Buchette Noir Baguette
    Traditional dark and rich loaf made with wheat,rye and malt. With sunflower seeds and brown linseed. by Panesco.
    30 x 340g
  • Stonebaked Dark Demi Baguette
    Fibre rich made from wheat flour and roasted barley malt and a mix of pumpkin seed, rye,sunflower seeds,millet and oats. By Panesco.
    45 x 150g
  • Demi Barra Gallega Baguette
    Best selling Artisan Galician Baguette, this spanish baguette successfully combines a thin crispy crust with a light open crumb, baked on stone and flour dusted. By Continental Bakery.
    50 x 120g
  • Demi Wholemeal Barra Gallega Baguette
    Wholemeal Artisan Galician Baguette. a spanish bread made with wholemeal flour, stone-baked and dusted with flour. By Continental Bakery.
    50 x 125g
  • Large Barra Gallega
    A large Artisan Galician loaf. By Continental Bakery.
    22 x 260g
  • Wholemeal Demi Baguette
    Traditional Wholemeal Baguette. By Dauphine.
    50 x 130g
  • Large Parisien Baguette
    16 x 435g
  • Multigrain Batard
    By Plane'te Pain.
    12 x 440g
  • Petit Parisien Baguette
    By Panesco.
    40 x 165g
  • Petit Pain Sandwich Baguette
    By Dauphine.
    75 x 80g
  • Baguettine Cereal Baguette.
    A sourdough Baguette made with sesame and flax seeds with malted wheat flour.
    28 x140g
  • Demi Rusticata Baguette
    By Schulstad.
    55 x 170g