Flat Breads

All our flatbreads are fully baked and convenient to use,  great for portion control and they could'nt be simpler to use, just thaw and serve. 

Serve cold or heated in an oven as a pizza base or toasted on a Panini grill.

By Panino Breads

At Panino we're proud to be bakery experts - it's all and everything we do, our success lies in the fact that we consistently exceed the demands of our customers, by researching and developing new bespoke products in partnership with our suppliers to bring you wonderful flavours of breads from all around the world.

Speciality breads are now outproforming the overall breads and baked goods market, with a huge increase in growth over the last year. To nature this growing trend, we've introduced a new range of speciality breads, ranging from Artisan seeded loaves to gourmet baguettes.

please reveiw the list below, if the product you require isnt listed it doesn't mean we dont have it, all you have to do is ask and if we can help, we will.

  • Plain Tasca
    A semi circular shaped baked dough containing olive oil, folded over to allow easy splitting.By Pan Artisan.
    24 x 95g
  • Caesar Tasca
    Delicious baked dough containing olive oli, black pepper and topped with regatto cheese shavings. By Pan Artisan.
    24 x 95g
  • Red Onion Tasca
    Delicious baked dough containing olive oil and red onion pieces.By Pan Artisan.
    24 x 95g
  • Paninette Flatbread
    A colonial inspired bread from France. an authentic flatbread from Morocco, fully baked in an authentic stone baked oven.By Dina.
    100 x 10"
  • 10" Wholemeal Paninette Flatbread
    Authentic stone baked flatbread.By Dina.
    5 x 20